Hey all, sorry I’ve left this site without any updates lately. Short version: life is getting too crowded, so I’m going to try to put something up once a week for now.

Here’s the long version:

We’re trying to sell our house, and it hasn’t exactly been the easiest process. Adding that on top of all the other life stuff I have to take care of in a week, and there’s basically no overlap of “time to draw” and “energy to draw”. This is really starting to grind me down psychologically, so I’m just going to give myself however long I need. I’m really really sorry, and I promise I’ll pick up Mari’s story where I left it last spring!

Until then, as I say, I’m going to try to get a new comic up every week, on Tuesday nights. It’s still a chunk of work to get these things written, drawn, scanned in, and published, but stopping has taken its own kind of toll on me. So once a week seems like the balance that gives me the best shot at survival. I’m not going to be very happy about it, but I’d rather hang on with my fingernails than let go entirely.

The good news is, after six months, we finally seem to be in the home stretch (hee) of selling our home and moving along. So, although things will be a little sparse around here, I’m watching the light at the end of the tunnel get bigger and bigger!

Here’s hoping it’s the other end, and not an oncoming train!